Navy JROTC (Naval Science)

The year is underway!  We have a great corps of cadets this year and are really impressed with our freshmen NS1's.  It should be an exciting year.

The uniforms have been fitted by Nina's Alterations.  They have been received back and will be issued during this week.  Wednesday, 19 September will be a 'Polo' uniform day for those without uniforms yet.  The first full Uniform Day will be 26 September.

When you receive the new Navy uniforms, they will need to be pressed.  Read the care instructions carefully, some pieces can be washed in the washing machine, others have to be dry cleaned.

Whether in a Polo or Navy Uniforms, the NJROTC grooming standards are in effect.  Please, males need haircuts and shaves.  Females need to get their hair up in buns and off the collar.  The Cadet Field Manual outlines the grooming standards and can be found on the 'Useful Documents...' page of this website.

If there are any questions, just contact us for clarification.  Remember, the NJROTC instructors can be reached most effectively by email.  We are out of the classroom 60 percent of the time and are usually nowhere near our phones.  If you happen to call, please leave a message with a name, phone number or email address and we will respond as soon as possible.

Commander Warden Heft

Master Chief Edward Smith

Senior Chief Craig A. Steele