Dress Code & Policies


  1. Shorts and skorts are prohibited.
  2. Skirts, dresses, and culottes must be no more than four inches above the top of the kneecap. There should not be a cut or slit in the clothing that extends beyond the four inch limit.

  3. Appropriate footwear must be worn; footwear which has toes reinforced with steel, house slippers, and flip-flops are prohibited.

  4. Hair must be neat and clean. Unconventional colored, multi-colored or spiked, Mohawk, or hair styles with exotic designs are not permitted. Shaved eyebrows are prohibited.

  5. Headwear must not be worn in buildings for boys and girls.

  6. Any clothes that are suggestive or indecent or which cause distraction are not acceptable. Specifically, oversized clothing, muscle shirts, halter tops, exposed backs or midriffs, low cut and see-through garments are not permitted.  Spaghetti strap and tank tops may only be worn with a jacket/sweater.

  7. Bandanas/bandana headbands and indecent/inappropriate patches, writings, or drawings on clothing are prohibited.

  8. All pants are to be full length (Capri pants should be no less than four inches below the bottom of the kneecap) and worn at the waist (no "sagging" or "bagging"). Pants with holes that expose skin are prohibited. Tight fitting pants (e.g., tights, Spandex, bicycle pants) are also prohibited, except for leggings to be worn only with appropriate length dress/skirt.  Pajama bottoms and Athletic/sweat pants are prohibited.  Cut-offs and intentionally frayed pants are also prohibited.

  9. Body piercing jewelry is prohibited except for rings, studs or other traditional jewelry worn in the ear. Ear gauges, spikes and/or plugs are prohibited.  Tongue rings and tongue studs are not permitted. Inappropriate/suggestive jewelry including collars and chains are prohibited.