Welcome to Stinson Theatre Arts!

Mr. Britt is a former student of Northside Independent School District and is thrilled to be teaching in the same district that gave him the wonderful opportunities he had as a student, a young actor and performer. He participated in Choir, Dance, and Theatre Arts throughout his time in Northside and is happy to be continuing his journey in Theatre Arts right here in Northside. This will be Mr. Britt's third year teaching Theatre Arts in Northside. 

Contact Information
  • email
  • (210) 397-3600 EXT- 3135
  • Website 
  • Conference time 9:20 - 10:00
  • Lunch 10:56 - 11:26
  • If you wish to meet or have a conference, please allow for a day's notice. I will always take your questions and/or concerns with high priority.
  • Grades can be accessed through the new Home Access Center https://portalupdate.nisd.net/ 
It is my expectation that all students show and give respect to 1) themselves and 2) each other. All of us are here to learn and grow. I strive to reach all learners and provide access to the curriculum in the best way possible for each individual student. It is my expectation that students try their best, work hard, collaborate, and be productive. 

Please let me know if you are interested in tutoring for Theatre Arts.

Many grades in Theatre Arts will be perfomance, participation, and effort based. It is of the utmost importance that students attempt to work independently as well as collaboratively in order to achieve success in Theatre. 
Major Grades (Tests, Performances, and Summative Assessments) - 50% Daily Grades (Class work, journal responses, rehearsals, participation, formative assessments) - 50%

If a student earns a low grade on an assignment or test, he/she has the opportunity to earn a higher grade if the following steps are completed.

1.  The student must first attend tutoring with the teacher to receive clarity on the concepts they missed.  This is the "reteach."

2.  The assignment can then be resubmitted or the test can be retaken with a 10 point penalty deduction.  This is the "retest."

3.  The last day to resubmit an assignment or retake a test is the last Wednesday of the current six-weeks grading period.  Grades from previous grading periods cannot be changed.   

 If a student is absent, the student has three days to make up the work without penalty.  

1.  If a student does not complete an assignment on time, the student may turn in the assignment late.  

2.  The assignment will be graded and a 10 point penalty will be deducted from the grade the student earned.  A 15 point deduction will be attached to the assignment if the course is for high school credit.

3.  The last day to submit late work is last Wednesday of the current six-weeks grading period.  Late work from previous grading periods cannot be changed.   

*In order to best meet the needs of all students, there may be a need to update tutoring hours or other information. If there are any changes made to Stinson Theatre Arts Classes, they will be posted here.