Classes Offered

Dual Credit and Advanced Placement classes are open to all Marshall students.
Dual Credit is offered through both Northwest Vista (NVC) and the University of Texas at Austin (OR).
Advanced Placement (AP) is offered through Collegeboard.
Visit your intended university's website to check what grade is needed for transfer credit.

The following classes are offered at Marshall:                                                                       
                                                                            For Questions contact Carla Blackwell at email.
            Art AP
            Art Appreciation Dual (NVC)
            Biology AP
            Calculus AB  AP/Dual (NVC)
            Calculus BC AP/Dual (NVC)
            Chemistry AP
            Digital A/V Advanced Dual (NVC)
            Economics (Macro) AP
            English Language and Composition AP/Dual (NVC)
            English Language and Composition Dual (OR)
            English Literature AP/Dual (NVC)
            Environmental Science AP
            US Government AP
            Latin Virgil AP
            Psychology AP
            Physics 1 AP
            Physics 1 Dual (OR)
            Physics C Mech & E/M AP
            College Algebra/Pre-Calculus Dual (NVC)
            Pre-Calculus Dual (OR)
            Spanish Language & Literature AP
            Statistics AP
            US History AP/Dual (NVC)
            Human Geography AP
            World History AP