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  • Telephone (210) 397-8240 ext. 3241
  • Conference time (11:46 - 12:35)
General information and expectations for each class Hello students and parents!  AP/DC US History and Pre-AP World History are both challenging courses.  My objectives for teaching is for each student to develop a strong understanding of History.  Secondly, get students to develop critical thinking skills or in our class, historical thinking skills.  Lastly have the ability to apply those skills in other aspects of a students' life.  I'll try to facilitate learning and create a student centered classroom where the students dive into the material.  

About me... This is my eighteenth year teaching and my 3rd at Brandeis.  I previously taught at Harlandale H.S. for fifteen years and adjunct faculty at Palo Alto College for seven years.  I am looking forward to an exciting year.  I have a MA in History from UTSA.  In my spare time I love the cinema, gaming, building gaming custom PCs and a bit of a comic book nerd.  
1st 9:00 - 9:49APUSH/DUAL CREDIT B241
2nd 9:55 - 10:45APUSH/DUAL CREDIT B241
3rd 10:51 -11:40 APUSH/DUAL CREDIT B241
4th 11:46 - 12:35Conference B241
5th 12:41 - 1:30APUSH/DUAL CREDIT B241
6th 1:36 - 2:25 Lunch B241
7th 2:31 - 3:20Pre-AP World History B241
8th 3:26 - 4:15 Pre-AP World History B241

Extra Resources and Materials:
Twitter:     @MrGutierrez1 
YouTube:    My Channel