Jay/SEA Home Access Center Help Page


Northside has transitioned to a new gradebook system. As a result, the Parent Connection's Gradespeed has been replaced by the Home Access Center (HAC).

HAC is now live (as of 5:00 p.m. on Thursday Aug. 31, 2017). ​P​arents/guardians​ who​ have entered their email address into the District's Student Information System ​​will receive an email​ that ​includes your​ temporary password.

​To log on to HAC​, go to​ https://hac.nisd.net

Your username is your email​ address​ and your password ​is ​the temporary password​ you received in the email. You will be required to change it ​the ​first time​ you log in. To get directions for changing your password and how to set ​alerts within the ​HAC, consult the Home Access Center Quick Start Guide.

​​For those parents/guardians who have not entered an email into the system, please enter your email address into the District's Student Information System. You will need your student's id # and their old student "4x4" (the first four letters of their last name and the last four digits of their Social Security Number). Once your email has been loaded into the Student Information System, you will receive an email with your temporary password to access ​HAC within 24 hours.

Notice about grades- When log into HAC the sections: 

Grades- refers to Progress Reports and Report Cards. These will update once every 3 weeks and/or 6 weeks.

Classes: refers to classwork/assignments. These grades are updated everytime students turn in an assignment and grades are entered by the teacher.

Middle School and High School students can access HAC by using their student ID number (with the "s") as the username and their student password. If they do not know their student password, they can speak with the TSS or a teacher at their school.

*Note: If you are having issue logging into HAC or you do not see all of your children under your account please click this Link and fill out the form. If you have questions about the form please contact the campus TSS- Mr. Canales for assistance.