Welcome to the John Jay Orchestra Program!
On our campus we have five orchestras: 
Prelude, Junior Varsity, Varsity Strings, Chamber Orchestra, and the Varsity Symphony Orchestra (full orchestra)

Orchestra Summer Camp 2017 
(on Calendar)
August 14th - August 18th
12-2pm - Officers
2-4pm - Sophomore/Junior/Senior Rehearsal
4-6pm Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior Rehearsal
6-7pm Snacks and Games!
Concert on Last Day @ 6-7pm in Auditorium followed by Paleta Social provided by Orchestra Guild

Camp Themes:
Monday 14th - Wear Your MS Orchestra Shirt!
Tuesday 15th - Tacky Tourist Day - break out the sunblock and tacky shirts!
Wednesday 16th - Bringing the 1990's Back!!
Thursday 17th - Character Day - Dress as your favorite TV or Movie Character!
Friday 18th - Black Friday - wear your concert black for our concert!