It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well. Descartes

O ur Math Department consists of 22 dedicated teachers under the direction of department coordinator, Christopher Hancock. All math classes are structured to cover state TEKS and College Readiness Standards to prepare our students for the EOC/STAAR exams as specified by the state of Texas and Northside School District. Students are enrolled in courses ranging from Algebra I to AP Calculus. Honors courses are available at all levels. Our curriculum is designed to provide each student with a rigorous, meaningful academic experience providing him or her opportunity to be successful in his or her courses and on state exams. Students are encouraged to enroll in advanced courses for further enrichment and preparation for success in their college courses.

We are committed to the success of all of our students. For those students needing help in their math studies, support and tutoring are available from their teachers, math department, and school. Each teacher may be contacted by e-mail or by calling the front office, 397-2700.