Mariachi Jalisco

Mariachi Jalisco

Mariachi Jalisco Mission Statement:

We will strive to uphold excellence by sharing our passion and love of mariachi music with others. Our mission is to create a legacy as a family of musicians and continue to inspire those around us. We are the John Jay Mariachi Jalisco.

Mariachi class focuses on the history and art of Mexican folk music and helps develop performance techniques used by a traditional Mariachi group. Our goal is to develop a strong Mariachi program. We will discuss the correct manner of playing and performing in a Mariachi ensemble both stylistically and physically. We will also learn and memorize music in order to perform in front of an audience.

The traditional Mariachi group consists of violins, trumpets, guitars, vihuela and guitarron. All students are expected to contribute vocally to the performances.

Mariachi members that play trumpet and violin are expected to belong to the parent organization (band and orchestra, respectively), maintain a grade of 70 or better in all their classes, and commit to attending all performances and rehearsals.


Room # E101g at Jay HS; C144 at Jones MS

Period 1    8:45 - 9:39 am                Beginning Mariachi

Period 2    9:45 - 10:34 am              Intermediate Mariachi

Period 3    10:40 - 11:29 am            Advanced Mariachi

Period 4    11:35 am - 12:24 pm      Lunch/Travel

Period 5    12:30 - 1:19 pm              Middle School

Period 6    1:25 - 2:14 pm                Middle School

Period 7     2:20 - 3:09 pm               Middle School

Period 8     3:15 - 4:05 pm               Lessons


Group Rehearsal Times

Time:    Tuesdays    4:30 - 6 pm

Location:    Orchestra Room

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