Gifted And Talented

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We have one in the fall and one in the spring.     

Welcome!    The ALPHA GT Specialist on the John Jay and SEA campus is Elaine Asbell.   The Gifted and Talented program at the high school level includes the following courses:

GT Leadership 1
  • HONORS Credit; Communication Applications (speech) credit 
  • a full year course with a focus on Leadership offered to freshman and sophomore GT students
GT Leadership 2
  • HONORS Credit elective
  • a 1 semester course with a focus on service learning
  • offered to sophomore GT students who already have their Communication Applications credit
  • great to pair with Health (a one-semester course) for the year
  • Open to Juniors and Seniors
  • Earn HONORS Credit with points added to GPA for successful completion of course
  • Earn required Communication Applications credit by passing the course
  • Earn an Advanced Measure toward a Distinguished Diploma
  • Differentiated by chosen topic and Mentorship in field of study
GT Seminars
  • Off campus learning events planned just for high school GT students
  • Past seminars include:  The Big Event - a Day of Service to our Community; The Botanical Garden; The Whitte Museum; 
    SA Architecture Scavenger Hunt Downtown.
  • Join us for a school day of learning and fun!  
  • See Ms. Asbell to sign up to attend!  

Summer 2017 Young Engineers and Scientists Program 
Application and Program Details