HGMS Library Info.

Welcome to the HGMS Library, where our goal is to support HGMS teachers with their curriculum by providing resources and technology assistance.  We also aim to create lifelong readers and students who are aware of their responsibilities as digital citizens.

Hours and Policies

The library is open before school at 7:50 and closes at 4:00, unless there is a meeting scheduled.  Please check the library calendar for those dates.

Students are allowed to checkout 3 items for 3 weeks in our library.  Although we do not charge a fee for overdue items, students will not be able to checkout new items if they have some that are overdue.  If an item is lost, payment can be made via check or cash to replace the lost item.  See Ms. Tharp for details.
The HGMS library organizes the fiction section by genres, or the type of story the book is (i.e. mystery, horror, etc.).  Our listing of genres can be seen in the images below.  These posters are also displayed in the library.  Books are organized alphabetically within each genre.