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Where there is no friction or air resistance.

Where gravity can be turned on or off.

Daniel Bump
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About me... 

I have been  a Physics teacher since 2002.   I retired from Southwestern Bell Telephone after 29 years of business experience to become a teacher.  


    BS Physics from University of Texas at Arlington

    MA Physics from University of Texas at Arlington

General Class information and expectations

     Physics:  Students study a variety of topics that includes the laws of motion; changes within physical systems; conservation of  momentum and energy; forces; thermodynamics; characteristics and behavior of waves; and atomic, nuclear and quantum physics. (Minimum 40% lab)
PR: Biology; Algebra I and concurrent enrollment in a second math course)

Online Textbook:    Physics – Principles & Problems; by Zitzewitz, Haase, Harper, & Kilgo.  http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/

     AP Physics 2:  This revised AP Physics 2 course may be taken after Physics 1. Physics 2 is organized around the same seven topics as Physics 1, but builds on the mechanical focus of the first course. Physics 2 focuses on more advanced topics such as field theory and quantum physics. This course includes the lab science practices designated by the College Board.
Students will prepare to take the AP Physics 2 exam in May.
PR: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics 1; Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.
Textbook: A Strategic Approach AP Edition, 3rd ed. by Knight, Jones, and Field. Pearson, ©2015   http://www.pearsonmylabandmastering.com/northamerica/masteringphysics/students/

My 2018 - 2019 Schedule



1 st  Period - Physics  1
5 th Period -  Conference 
2 nd Period Physics AP® 2 
6 th Period - Physics
“A Lunch”
“A Lunch”
3 rd Period - Conference
th PeriodPhysics   
th Period - Physics 1
8 th PeriodPhysics 

Tutoring / Make-up sessions: 

Tuesday- 7:45 - 8:45am (Rm. 142)          Wednesday – 4:15 - 5:15pm

Or by appointment

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