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   Welcome to William H. Taft High School
  The transition from 8th grade into high school is a milestone to celebrate. Learn what you need to know to make the transition smoothly, and to build a strong foundation for your future.
  5 Endorsements
  The 83rd Regular Session of the Legislature passed House Bill 5 and became effective with the Governor’s signature in June 2013. 

HB 5 includes 5 Endorsements that will help students become college and career ready.
  1. Business & Industry
  2. Public Services
  3. STEM
  4. Multidisciplinary
  5. Arts and Humanities
An Endorsement  is an area of focus designed to have a positive influence on your future college and career plans.  HB 5 requires all incoming 9th graders to select a specific endorsement.  In order to graduate with an endorsement, each one requires specific courses including 4 math classes, 4 science classes, and 2 additional elective credits.

Graduation Plans

   HB 5 also allows for various types of graduation programs.  The first plan is the Foundation High School Program.  This is the basic level of achievement required in order to receive a high school diploma. 

A distinguished Level of Achievement is the next option and includes all of the foundation requirements plus extra math, science, and completion of an endorsement.