National Junior Honor Society

                “Light is the Symbol of Truth”     
Established in 1929, the National Junior Honor Society is the nation's recognition program for middle level students. The NJHS insignia is widely recognized as representing those individuals who have distinguished themselves as outstanding in their schools and community.

More Than an Honor Roll
Academic achievement is a core component of NJHS, but today’s students need much more than just good grades to get ahead. NJHS’s focus on service, leadership, citizenship, and character helps students build the skills and relationships that will ensure success throughout their academic years and beyond.

When NJHS members participate in community service projects, attend national leadership events, and serve as ambassadors to their schools and communities, they:

  • Begin networking with other accomplished student leaders who are focused on personal growth and building a solid foundation for their future endeavors
  • Build a portfolio of life achievements that can be featured on applications for colleges and careers, as well as cover letters and resumes
  • Learn how to be a more effective leader, and why leadership skills are an essential tool at any stage of life.


NJHS Advisors/Sponsors  

 Mrs. Kelly Jordan:

Mrs. Jessica Garza:

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