Spanish I-Señor Tinajero, Ph.D.,Candidate

Welcome students and parents to the 
Spanish I contact site:

                                                   Mr. Tinajero
210-397-4200 ext.3242

My schedule:
PERIOD:    Course:
  • 1 Español I
  • 2 Español I
    • 3 Español I
      • 4 Almuerzo (lunch)
      • 5 Español I
      • 6 Español I
      • 7 Asesoría (conf.)
      • 8 Español I
      Classroom Expectations:
      Upon entering class please give your full attention to your teacher.
      Come prepared with necessary items for class.
      Focus in on the subject of the day for class.
      Respect yourself and others in class. 
      Tutoring Schedule:
      Mon. & Tues. 4:15 p.m.-4:45 p.m. 
      Or by appointment on or off campus