Welcome message
... My name is David Lopez, and  I am entering my 27th  year teaching.  This is my second year at Clark HS, and I am excited to be here.   I look forward to continue in the tradition of Clark.  

 Contact information and time available
  • david.lopez@nisd.net 
  • 210 397-5150 Ext 3229
  • Room A229
  • Conference:  6th period (1:25-2:15,  Monday and Friday)
  • Conference:  6th period (1:38-2:24, Tues, Wed, and Thurs)
  • Morning Tutoring/ Conference :  7:30-8:30 Wed, Thurs, & Fri.
General information and expectations for each class  
Students in my class will be challenged daily with rigor.    I expect students to put effort in their work and ask for help when needed.  I am here for every student.  
About me...  
I love teaching and making a positive impact in our children's life. In my class all students will master the objectives taught and they will pass.  

 Period Class
1st Eng III  Co-teach
2nd Eng III Co-teach
3rd EOC
4th Eng III Co-teach
6th  Conference
7th  Eng III Co-teach
 8th Eng III Co-teach