Garcia Clubs & Organizations

 NameSponsorLocationDay and Times Special

Anime Club Ms. Yglesias &
Ms. M Garza
 C130Tuesdays 3:55-4:30 All grades  9/23/19
Art ClubMrs. Fitzgerald & Mrs. StoneB110Wednesdays 3:55 - 4:307th & 8th grades. Students should be able to attend all meetings. 9/23/19
 Athletics Coach Martin & Coach Erday  -- --   
AvidMrs. Bryant, Ms. Patmon,
Ms. Washburn
C145, C219, C215Everyday: Washburn 6th period, Bryant 7th period, Patmon 8th period  
Band Mrs. Esparza & Mrs. Perkins B111 -- Band Students  
Beyblade Club  Ms. Jones C145Tuesdays 3:55 -4:25 All grades9/23/19 
Chess Club Mrs. Orozco & Mrs.  McClintic A129 (Library)Tuesdays 3:40-4:45 All grades10/7/19
Choir Mrs. SettlesB117  --  
Coding ClubMr. Slater C209Wednesdays 3:50-4:50  
 Debate ClubMrs. M. Garza & Mrs. YglesiasC213 Thursdays 3:55-4:30All grades 9/23/19 
Dungeons & DragonsMs. OrozcoA129 LibraryWednesdays 3:45-4:15   
Fashion Craft Club Ms. E Garza  C126Wednesdays 3:55-4:30p 6th & 7th grades. Be interested in fashion and crafts.  9/23/19
 FCS Leadership ClubMrs. OsteenB113 Tuesdays 3:50 - 4:45p 7th and 8th grades. Must be in FCS 9/23/19 
 Garcia LifeMrs. Orozco & Mrs. Minnis A129 (Library) Friday during all lunches; 1 time per 6 weeks All grades 10/7/19
GolfCoach AlanizC154 MOST days; golf course as directedMonday-Thursday during golf season  
 Green Gladiators Recycling Club    Mrs. ErwinC122 AND in drop off areaThursday before school 7:45-8:30a & after school 3:50-4:45p 6th, 7th, 8th graders with quality behavior  9/23/19
Grow Your Minds Garden ClubMr. EsquivelMeet in the GardenTuesdays 4-5 pm Parents must submit the following permission form before students may participate:
Kindness ClubMrs. Minnis, 
Ms. Guzman,
Ms. Tenorio,
Ms. Stone, Ms.Scott
A129 LibraryThe following Wednesdays at 7:50am:
9/11 & 25
10/9 & 23
11/6 & 20
12/4 & 18
1/8 & 22
2/5 & 19
3/4 & 18
6/3 End of year celebration
Math ClubMr. Villarreal, Tara Hamm &
Ms. Serda-King
P216BTuesday from 3:50 to 4:20 pm and Thursday from 8:00 to 8:30 am All grades. Come to practice in order to participate in competition9/23/19 
National Junior Honor SocietyMrs. Jordan and Mrs. J. GarzaA129 Library2nd Tuesday of each month. Students must attend either the 8:00 am OR 4:00 pm meeting.7th & 8th Graders

To be accepted: 1) Core GPA of 90, 2) 12 hours of community service, 3) Application, 4) Being accepted by Faculty Council
Once a member: 1) GPA of 90, 2) 25 hours of community service each year, 3) Individual Service Project, 4) 80% meeting attendance
OrchestraMrs. Murphy & Mr. CoxB109--  
RoboticsMrs. SchantzB114Tuesday 3:50 -4:30Work well with group members, participate in project and robot design 10/7/19 
Science BowlMrs. BeckC209 Thursdays 4-5pm Competitive and strong desire to learn above grade level science and math9/6/19 
 Spelling Bee  Ms. Bennoch-- --   
Student CouncilMrs. MartinezC239Thursday once a month at 8am. Twice a month when school events occur All grades. Must follow Garcia Gladiator expectations at all times with an average above an 70 9/23/19 
Writing ClubMs. YglesiasC130Fridays 3:50-4:307th & 8th grades  9/23/19