Rihana Houy

Welcome to my class page for English IV!  Although it will be an exciting year, we will have a significant amount of material to cover in order to adequately prepare you for a challenging journey both inside and outside of high school.  So sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

About me
I am currently in my 8th year of teaching high school English.  I have taught English 2 Academic, English 2 Pre-AP, English 3 Academic, and English 4 Academic.  In addition to teaching English, I will be coaching girls basketball at Clark High School.

M.S. Sport Management: Texas A&M University
B.S. Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Teacher Certification: Texas A&M University

English IV Expectations
English IV is a senior level comprehensive course that satisfies the English IV Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), as well as College Readiness Standards.  These skills will be developed through various works of British and Medieval Literature in a reader-response fashion, in addition to a multitude of written pieces to prepare students for college admission and a more successful college/career transition.

Contact Information

Regular Schedule (M/F)
 1st Period Basketball 8:50-9:40
 2nd Period English 4 9:45-10:35
 3rd Period English 4 10:40-11:30
 4th Period Basketball   11:35-12:25
 6th Period English 4    1:25-2:15 
 7th Period English 4 2:20-3:10 
 8th PeriodConference 3:15-4:05

FLEX Schedule (T/W/TR)
 1st Period Basketball 8:50-9:36
 2nd Period English 4 9:41-10:27
 FLEX A209 10:30-11:00
 3rd Period English 4 11:05-11:51
 4th Period Basketball   12:47-1:33
 6th Period English 4    1:38-2:24
 7th Period English 4 2:29-3:15 
 8th PeriodConference 3:20-4:05

  • Email 
  • Phone: (210) 397-5150 ext. 3209
  • Conference Time: 3:20-4:05