Frau's Ecke

2014 State Contest
Guten Tag!  
Welcome to Frau Torres' Ecke (corner).  Here you will 
find lots of information and 
resources to help you with your language learning.

My contact information:
telephone:  210-397-5150 ext.4112
Conference time: 5th Period 

General information and expectations for each class 
Please come to class on time and be prepared to participate and learn.  You will need two spiral 
notebooks to be used as interactive notebooks and a pencil at all times.  If you have an electronic 
device such as a cell phone, tablet, or any other device, I encourage to bring one to class.  The devices
are NOT to be used for personal entertainment. I will incorporate technology often and will tell you
in class when to use your device.

About me...
I am a Native German from Hanau, Germany.  I graduated cum laud from the University of Texas in
 El Paso.  I have been teaching at Clark since 2008.

My Schedule

 P1 German 1
 P2 German 2
 P3 German 2 PAP  German 4 AP
 P4 German 1
 P5 Lunch/Conference
 P6 German 1
 P7 German 1
 P 8 German 3 PAP

All students in level 1 - 3 PAP will need 2 spiral notebooks!!!!!

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