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Welcome to Frau Torres' Ecke (corner).  
Here you will find lots of information and 
resources to help you with your language learning.

Look what German students have been up to!  We won 1st place in a National contest with prizes totaling $475 for students in 2016!  Our winners for 2017 won an IPAD Air for 1st place and $100 gift card for second place winners!

My contact information:
telephone:  210-397-5150 ext.3112
Conference time: 2nd period (see table below)

General information and expectations for each class 
Please come to class on time and be prepared to participate and learn.  
You will need your spiral notebook or binder everyday. If you have an electronic 
device such as a cell phone, tablet, or any other device, I encourage to bring one to class.  
The devices are NOT to be used for personal entertainment. I will incorporate technology often and will tell you when and how  to use your device in class.
Some of  the tech tools we use in class are SNAPchat, Twitter, Nearpod, Remind, Quizlet, Quia, Google classroom, I Pads with Apps like Adobe Spark, IMovie, Aurasma, Vocaroo,Kahoot,  Duolingo and many more.

Watch this video to understand about the importance of learning a language:

About me...
I am a Native German from Hanau, Germany in the Bundesland of Hessen, the birthplace of the Brother Grimm.  I graduated cum laude from the University of Texas in El Paso.  I have been teaching since 1999 at Elementary levels and since 2008 at Clark High School. 

My Schedule
Monday Wednesday
 Tuesday and
 P1    8:50-9:40 German 1  8:50-9:36
 P2    9:45-10:35 Conference/Planning  9:41-10:27
 FLEX Tuesday and Tursday10:30-11:00
 P3   10:40-11:30 German 111:05-11:51
 P4   11:35-12:25 German 2 PaP11:56-12:42
 P5   12:30-1:20 Lunch12:47-1:33
 P6    1:25-2:15 German 2 PaP 1:38-2:24
 P7    2:20-3:10 German 2 2:29-3:15
 P8    3:15-4:05 German 3 PaP  4AP 3:20-4:05

2017/2018 SUPPLY LIST: TBA

Parents and students, please join REMIND to receive important text messages from your teacher. Please see instructions by clicking LINKS*Resources*Files Page where you will find the folder named REMIND.
There are many links and resources for your child's learning enhancement as well.