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Welcome to Science!
My name is Mrs. Anders and I am married to a great guy and have three great children.  I am originally from Fargo, North Dakota, but have lived in Texas since 1993.  I attended North Dakota State University (NDSU) but transferred to and graduated from Texas State University (TSU).  My certification includes Science (7-12), Life Science (7-12), Biology (6-12) and Psychology (6-12) with additional training in Forensic Science. 
I teach Forensic Science. Forensic Science is any science that is used to aid the court of Law. This is the third year it has been offered at Clark and the students are really enjoying it.  I, of course, think it is wonderful.  Forensics is a very interesting branch of science that involves so many different areas of science. 
I truly enjoy science and teaching it.  It is going to be a great year!

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