Brennan Math Department

 Anguiano, Sammuel Kingsbery, Wiliam
 Rodriguez, Shaunesey
 Clifton, Monica  Kosler, Amy  Shusterman, Leo

 Lumley, Monica Sherburne, Patrick
 Gonzales, Monica M  Nabors, Kylie  Simpson, Michael
 Hernandez, Salena  Ortega, Gloria Stepp, Lidia
 Jansa, Allison  Perez, Paul  Vaughn, Kathleen
 Johnson, Robert  Rippetoe, Chris  Ziegler, Maureen

Welcome to our webpage. Here are the textbooks we will be using in our classes this year.

Please click on the hyperlink below to access your electronic gradebook:

Algebra I                 Geometry                     Math Models

Algebra II                College Algebra           Pre-Calculus    


For Calculus, we have two options:

Calculus AP (Cengage)               Calculus AP (Webassign)  

Please see your teachers for login, username and password information.


Sets of calculators are available for student use in classrooms (during class, before school, during lunch, and after school).  Online graphing calculators can also be found on the internet.  It is not necessary for you to purchase a calculator for your child but they might find it easier to complete their homework if they have a personal calculator at home.  The calculators used by Northside are made by TI (Texas Instruments).  A list of the recommended calculators is below:

 TI-nspire CX or TI-nspire CX CAS  - There is also a TI-Nspire CX and CX CAS application for IPads and IPad-mini’s that costs significantly less than buying an actual calculator.  IPads are not allowed to be used for most standardized texts.

 Note: While the CAS is a good calculator, it is not allowed on some tests due to it performing so many functions for the students.  It also has a different set of menus and screens.   

For more information on calculators, please see the following link .