Questions:   We must all strive to be good and safe Digital Citizens.
                      Can you believe everything you see on the internet?

1.     Are you a cyberbully?
2.     Social Networking/Blog Beware

3.     Is it OK to download any pictures and music you want from the Internet?

4.        Is it OK to copy and paste from the Internet and turn it in?  Is it OK to just change a few words as long as you cite the source?

5.      Do you know what Sexting is? 

6.      E-mail at school. Students have G-Mail accounts in NISD
    • E-Mail is a formal document--no text messaging abbreviations.
    • Use proper spelling and grammar
    • All e-mail at school is blocked and is against the rules except for the approved vendor.
7.     Not all websites contain reliable information. 
8.      Take the Internet test at 
    • The code will be given to you
    • You must pass this test with at least an 80 or take it again.
9.  Just for juniors and seniors--Check out the Texas Laws