Alg. Reasoning & Geometry

Melissa Dahle
English 3

English 1, English 2

Estefany Garcia

Victoria Gonzalez
English 4, Chemistry

Modified Credit Retrieval, Biology, Environ. Science



Gov/Eco, World Geography

English 3, English 4

Algebra 2 & Alg. Reasoning

World History & US History

Algebra 1 & 2

English 1, English 2


Stacey Wallace
AU Unit

Speech Pathologist:
Susan Davis

Instructional Assistants:
Lamar Hunter- ALE
Juanita Herrera - ALE
Amy Lyon - ALE
Gabriel Martinez - BMC/Base
Ernest Puente - ALE
Jessica Rodriguez - AU
Sabrina Rodriguez - Career Prep
Benny Saldana - AU
Victoria Tapia - ALE

Deborah Isabelle
Administrative Professional

To be eligible for special education services, students must meet certain criteria requirements.  

If they also demonstrate an educational need, students may be eligible as having or being a student with a learning disability, an orthopedic impairment, a visual impairment, an auditory impairment, a deaf/blind impairment, intellectual disabilty, emotional disturbance, autism, a speech impairment, a traumatic brain injury, and other health impairment or multiple impairments.  

Brandeis High School provides a continuum of special education offerings and settings ranging from full inclusion with non-disabled students and only minimal special education support to full-time special school instruction.