English as a Second Language -- English Language Learners

Mission Statement:

The ESL team at Brandeis High School will provide supportive, high quality English language instruction for students preparing to advance their academic goals and personal success within academic and social settings.

We will:   
  • Provide a safe and secure learning environment in order to create meaningful and significant learning experiences to foster student achievement.
We believe in:
  • Community cooperation, creating a nurturing learning environment within a diverse society
  • Uilizing each individual student’s talent, skills, experience, heritage, culture and language to achieve success for all.

Indriati (Indi) Tan, ESL Team Leader


Classses:  US History sheltered, Reading

Degrees:  BA in International Relations, MA in Applied Linguistics

Favorite saying:  "What doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger."

Brynn Caddell


Classes: AVID ESL

Degrees: BA English, Masters in Education Leadership

Favorite saying: "Do your best, forget the rest!"

Arlinda Castillo
Classes: Eng II SOL, Eng II Sheltered, World Geography Sheltered, Eng III Sheltered
Degrees: BA Art History, In Process MEd Educational Leadership
Favorite saying: "Never give up!" "It's not where you're from; it's where you're going."

Mark Dziadul
Classes:  Push-in for Alg, Geometry, W. History, IPC, Reading I SOL, Math ESL
Degrees: BA English, MEd School Administration
Favorite saying: "We are thankful to Him for the air we breathe and for our hearts beating."

Candice Pareshnev


Classes: English 1 SOL, English 1 Sheltered, English 4 Sheltered, Newcomer ELD, Biology (push-in)

Degrees: BA Russian Language and Area Studies

               MA Slavic Lit. and Languages

               MEd Curriculum & Instruction, ESL

Favorite Saying: "Focus on the things that are under your control - your responses, your attitude, your effort - and work every day to become better."

Judy Jones, Instructional Aide


Classes: Biology, Algebra, SLIM, AVID

Degrees: BA in Mathematics and Biology, MS in Biology

Favorite saying: "Trust the process and let the answers fall where they will."

From left to right:  Brynn Caddell, Indi Tan, Candice Pareshnev, Mark Dziadul, Judy Jones, Arlinda Castillo

Classes offered 2018-2019
Eng I SOL, Eng I Sheltered
Eng II SOL, Eng II Sheltered
Eng III Shelterd
Eng IV Sheltered
Reading I, II, II, IV
Reading SOL
ESL Math
NELD (Newcomers)
ESL Support in: Algebra, Geometry, IPC, Biology, World Geography, World History, US History