Kirsten Anderson
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Health

Dennis Brown
Head Athletic Trainer, Sports Med 1 & 2

Ronald Dement 
Health, Athletics

Matt Langley
Health, Athletics

Geoffrey Myles
Health, Athletics

Through our health curriculum here at Brandeis High School we look to educate students on more than just being physically fit.  
Our teachers want to help students comprehend all the components of the health and wellness continuum.  Such topics include
  • a healthy living
  • nutrition
  • physical fitness for life
  • drug awareness
  • healthy relationships
  • mental health awareness
  • diseases and conditions
  • alcohol and tobacco
  • dealing with conflict/violence/abuse
  • sexual education to include HIV/AIDS and STDs.  
Through our curriculum we also offer CPR certification as well as a few guest speakers.

We hope that by students taking this course they become more self aware about their actions and decisions in regards to their overall health.