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Coordinator & 7th grade AVID: Amy Coggins
8th Grade  AVID - Laura Moore
6th grade AVID - Erin Bishop & Andreanna Munos
Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID began in a San Diego High School and moved into Middle and Elementary Schools across the US. AVID is designed to help students "in the middle" who, with a little help, can achieve at a higher level. The skills and strategies learned in AVID will help students throughout their educational careers.

The AVID Elective Class will focus on organizing with planners and binders, learning to use Cornell Notes, maintaining quality classwork and grades, and learning to correctly participate in Tutorials and Socratic Seminars.

We expect our AVID students to take the most difficult schedule they can handle. Since many of our AVID students have never taken a Pre-AP class, the AVID Elective Class will provide students with support in their academic classes. 

Many Stinson Staff, in all academic areas, have attended the AVID Summer Institute. The Staff uses many of the strategies that they've learned, such as Cornell Notes and Binder and Planner Checks. Our Staff expects AVID students to use the strategies they've learned, and while AVID requires Individual Determination, our Staff is here to help all AVID students achieve at their highest level.