Alyona Atsalis

Hi! We will have a great year.

Contact information
Phone number: 397-5400 ext.3156

Period 1  College Algebra
Period 2  Algebra II PAP
Period 3   PreCalculus 
Period 4   Conference
Period 5   PreCalculus PAP
Period 6   PreCalculus PAP
Period 7   PreCalculus PAP
Period 8   Conference

Classroom rules:
1. Stay on task and do your very best.
2. Use polite speech and body language.
3. Remain on your assigned seat unless you have a permission to get up.
4. When the teacher is talking, be quiet and listen.
5. If I see/hear electronic devices, food, drink,... I will confiscate it.

Every nine weeks
Daily - 20%, Quizzes - 20%, Tests - 60%
Semester grade:
20% - Final Exam (each 18 weeks), 80% - average grade for two 9 weeks grading periods.

About me... 
I have Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Math from Bashkir State University (Russia). I am certified to teach secondary and college level math.