Small beginnings, can produce large outcomes over time...

    Project A.C.O.R.N. (Area-Alamo Children Organized to Replant Natives) is a program that teaches children about planting trees. It is a metaphorical reference for 
small beginnings, such as an acorn, can produce large outcomes over time.

    Over the course of the school year, students monitor various environmental conditions at the site weekly to observe and collect the measurements for tree survival and wildlife predation. Students record their observations including analysis and correlation of air, water, and soil temperatures, cloud cover and cloud type, dissolved oxygen, pH levels, conductivity, turbidity, GPS site definition, rainfall, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, barometric pressure, etc. This is a great project based learning opportunity that allows students to collaborate on research projects with the City Parks Department.

    Through trans-disciplinary academics, students will gain leadership, teamwork, problem solving and communication skills that will cultivate continued success in school and beyond.

For More information Checkout: Project A.C.O.R.N.