Welcome to Cobb's Classes for 2017-2018!

If you need to contact me:
  • Email: annette.cobb@nisd.net
  • Phone: 397-5150 x 3348
  • Conference time: 7th Period
  • Classroom: A048
AP Environmental Science is an AP course where students learn how systems on our planet interact and change.

Chemistry is a course where we learn about the study the physical world in terms of what matter is made of, its properties, and how matter reacts at the atomic and molecular level. 

IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry) is a course that combines topics of physics during the first semester with chemistry topics during the second semester. Labs are a requirement for this course.  

Class Schedule:
 1st IPC Collab
 2nd IPC Collab
 3rd IPC Collab
 4th Lunch
 5th APES
 6th Chemistry
 7th Conference
 8th Chemistry

General Class Expectations:
- Come to class ready to learn
- Complete work to the BEST of your ability
- Be respectful to all others in class
- Follow all NISD and CHS rules and expectations

About me:
I have been teaching for 14 years, with 5 years in Atlanta, Georgia and 9 years in NISD. This is my fourth year at Clark High School - Go Cougars!
My education includes my Bachelors in Science Education from the University of Oklahoma and my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in Integrated Sciences from OLLU.