Welcome to Cobb's Classes for 2018-2019!

If you need to contact me:
  • Email: annette.cobb@nisd.net
  • Phone: 397-5150 x 3348
  • Conference time: 6th Period
  • Classroom: A048
AP Environmental Science is an AP course where students learn how systems on our planet interact and change.

IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry) is a course that combines topics of physics during the first semester with chemistry topics during the second semester. Labs are a requirement for this course.  

Class Schedule:
 1st IPC Collab
 2nd APES
 3rd Lunch
 4th APES
 5th IPC Collab
 6th Conference
 7th ELL Science
 8th IPC Collab

General Class Expectations:
- Come to class ready to learn
- Complete work to the BEST of your ability
- Be respectful to all others in class
- Follow all NISD and CHS rules and expectations

About me:
I have been teaching for 14 years, with 5 years in Atlanta, Georgia and 9 years in NISD. This is my fourth year at Clark High School - Go Cougars!
My education includes my Bachelors in Science Education from the University of Oklahoma and my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in Integrated Sciences from OLLU.