About Us

Meadow Village opened as a K-6 elementary school in the fall of 1968. During the first few weeks of the first year, a former Meadow Village Student recalls that, ..."Meadow Village students... attended another nearby elementary school (only half a day) because Meadow Village was not yet complete. In fact, I distinctly remember the thrill of being able to vote on what color the carpeting should be (gold or red, gold won)."

ALE, PPCD, and Pre-K are additional programs that the school provides to the Meadow Village Community.  Many special memories and events have been celebrated at Meadow Village.

School Colors: Green and Gold
Mascot: Bobcat

History of Principals

2017- Present Jennifer Escamilla

2010-2017~ Sallie Frederick
2000-2010~ Mrs. Evelyn Cobarruvias
1992-1993~ Ms. Linda Christy
1987-1992~ Mr. Rob Adair
1982-1987~ Mr.Gil Marshal
1978-1982~ Mr. Louis Williams
1969-1978~ Mr. Robert Coyle
1968-1969~ Mr. Monroe May
1993-2000~ Mrs. Ellen Sutton