9th Grade Connections Program

We are very excited about the inaugural year of the O’Connor High School Connections program.  Connections is a program created to help students transition from middle school to high school.  Research shows that successful students are those that are involved in their school community and that are able to transition academically and socially.  The Connections curriculum is comprised of guest speakers and activities geared toward getting students involved and connected to O’Connor and to help students be comfortable with their new surroundings.  Our goal is to introduce students to all of the resources we have to offer so that they will be able utilize these to achieve four years of success.  We introduce expectations and opportunities to insure that students will get the most out of their time with us at O’Connor and so that when they graduate in 2020, they will be able to pursue any opportunity they wish.  You will find the nine weeks Connections curriculum here on this page.

Attending Connections is a requirement for ALL freshmen.  Students meet Monday-Thursday for the first 18 minutes of lunch.  They are placed in small classrooms settings with teachers who have volunteered part of their own lunch to be involved with the program because they see the value in helping the freshmen transition successfully at O’Connor.

Upon completion of the nine weeks, students who have successfully transitioned to high school as evidenced by their passing of all classes will be released on Monday, October 24th.  The remaining students will be transitioned into content specific sections with more individualized assistance.  We strive to be a resource for students who may struggle early on so that we may provide them with the tools necessary to pass ALL of their classes, earn ALL of their credits and graduate on time with the class of 2020!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your student’s Connections teacher during the first 9 weeks.  After the first nine weeks, contact Kendall Ellis, our Student Success Advisor at kendall.ellis@nisd.net

Welcome Class of 2021 – it is going to be a fabulous year!