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CATE Staff
Paul Prince – Department Coordinator, Auto Tech        Jose Cano – Auto Transportation/Basics                               Selena Garcia – Graphic Design, Digital Interactive Media
Robert Greer
 – Robotics                                                Fetima Jordan – Principles of Information Technology           David Perez – Construction, Electrical Architecture
Ralph Samaniego
 – Money Matters/Accounting            Fernando Serna – BTV, AV Production, Animation                Ralph Williams – Architectural Design, Engineering
Career and Technology Mission
Brennan students in Career and Technology Education (CATE) programs, such as AV Production, Animation, Intro to Graphic Design, Intro to Information Technology, Financial Matters, Architecture Design, Robotics, Automotive Power and Trans, Construction and their advanced course components, spend most of their time learning through hands-on approaches to prepare students for real-world occupations and higher educational learning. 

Brennan CATE programs propel students to experience many career interest areas. Students interested in particular fields can look at the coherent sequence of courses to help them prepare for a chosen career. 

Additionally, students can earn industry-recognized certifications in some courses. Students can check with the CATE instructor for more information. Some courses may even allow the students to earn college credit. 

Any student who is interested should talk with his or her CTE instructor or counselor. 

Business & Industry Strand Courses Offered
 Audio Visual Production/Advanced Audio Visual Production/Practicum in Audio Visual Production
 Animation/ Advanced Animation
 Principles of Information Technology
 Digital & Interactive Media
 Graphic Design & Illustration/Advanced Graphic Design & Illustration/Practicum in Graphic Design & Illustration
 Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance
 Banking & Financial Services  & Money Matters
 Accounting I/Accounting II
 Principles of Architecture & Construction
 Architectural Design/Advanced Architectural Design/Practicum in Architectural Design
 Construction Technology/Advanced Construction Technology/Practicum in Construction Technology
 Energy Power & Transportation
 Automotive Technology/Advanced Automotive Technology/Practicum in Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
 Concepts of Engineering/Engineering Design and Presentation/Robotics