Welcome to the home of the $1.99 Dragon King Shogi Japanese Chess Print and Play Set. We hope that you have as much fun playing as we did designing and making this printable game. The game is a downloadable .PDF file you can print out and play immediately.

A variation of chess is played in almost every country in the world. In Japan, Shogi (Japanese Chess) has been popular since the 10th century. Shogi developed over time with different sized boards and unique pieces until the 1600s when it arrived at the modern and still in play version with a 9x9 board and 20 pieces to a side. While there are many similarities among the chess variants, Shogi is unusual in that it allows captured pieces to be returned to the board throughout the game adding an extra element to the strategy.

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Our design was created with the intention of helping to spread the fascination with this incredible game to players around the world for a reasonable price ($1.99) without losing the Japanese cultural connection. Shogi has always been challenging for non-Japanese due to the use of Japanese characters on the pieces rather than pictures or shapes. The use of western chess pictograms is one way to overcome this issue but the Japanese look and feel of the game is inevitably lost. 

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We have chosen and designed dramatic and traditional Japanese images to bring our Shogi set to life. We have also included the original characters within each image for those who are ambitious enough to try to learn to play with the traditional pieces.

The set is priced low (only $1.99) to encourage enthusiasts around the world to give Shogi a try.  It is fun to put together and even more fun to play.  Purchase it now and you could be playing in minutes!

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Special thanks to Rick Knowlton from www.AncientChess.com who graciously provided the rules for us.