Executive Director and Principal

Alex van Donkersgoed OCT

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Alex van Donkersgoed has been teaching since 2001. In addition to his role with Nimbus he is a classroom teacher at Halton Hills Christian School. He attended Calvin College to earn a BA in History and received his OCT from Redeemer University College.

He currently lives in Acton with his wife Willena and 3 children. He loves to play basketball and all manner of card and board games. Technology and its role in education has become a significant part of his life.

Course Developer

Scott Newbury OCT

Scott Newbury has been teaching since 2003 and is currently employed at Brampton Christian School (since 2007). He attended Memorial University of Newfoundland where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Joint-Major in Physics and Applied Mathematics) and a Bachelor of Education. He enjoys teaching Math and has taught many of the courses offered at the high school level.

He currently lives in Orangeville with his wife, Heather, and two daughters. They are a musical family and play multiple instruments and lead worship in church. He enjoys sports (such as Badminton and Ultimate Frisbee) and is also very interested in technology.

Course Developer

Chad Haverkamp OCT

Chad Haverkamp has been an educator for 7 years. He began his career by teaching grades 7 and 8 at Jarvis Community Christian School (JCCS). In 2016, he stepped into administration and is currently the COO/Principal at JCCS. However, he still takes the time to teach the Grade 7/8 mathematics class using Nimbus Christian Education materials. He is a graduate from Redeemer University College in 2012, D'Youville College in 2013, and he is currently pursuing his Master in Education in School Leadership degree from Dordt College.

He currently lives in Hartford, Ontario with his wife, Karisa, and his two boys, Michael and Tobias. He enjoys sports (particularly soccer and basketball) and strategy games. He is an active participant in his church in Jerseyville where he volunteers in a variety of capacities such as janitor and visual projection operator.

Christian Worldview in Math developer

Adrian Vander Vaart OCT

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Adrian Vander Vaart has been a Math/Physics teacher at Woodland Christian High School in Breslau since 2014. He completed his studies at Redeemer University College in 2012 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Major in Math/Computer Science), and a Bachelor of Education. Adrian enjoys teaching mathematics from a holistic perspective, manifesting in such activities as Math Philosophy on Wednesday mornings. He loves it when 'rules' developed in math and physics to start challenging student's views about 'laws of nature' and how things fit together in a cohesive Christian Worldview.

He currently lives in Kitchener, Ontario with his wife and two young daughters. He enjoys sports (such as cross country and soccer) and strategy games. A common past time is completing household chores while listening to the latest nerd podcast (currently working through MetaTreks, a podcast discussing philosophy only through examples found in the Star Trek Universe).

Social Media Consultant

Dinah Whitton

Dinah Whitton has been a professional Freelance Writer since 2013. Her passion for writing and editing naturally blossomed into social media consulting. Dinah’s educational background includes studies in Broadcast Journalism, Corporate Communications and Marketing Communications. She has written for various organizations, corporations and politicians. In addition to supporting social media initiatives at Nimbus, Dinah is a homeschool mother of 4 children. Dinah enjoys binge-reading, travelling and cycling. Currently, she resides in Mississauga, Ontario with her husband and children.

Video Animator

Gwyneth Sutherland

Gwyneth Sutherland is a Grade 11 student at Woodland Christian High School in Breslau. She loves creating designs and animations. She is the graphic designer for a variety of clubs and events at her school, and is co-editor-in-chief of her school’s arts publication. She enjoys playing electric and acoustic guitar, and helping to teach Sunday school at her church. She currently lives in Kitchener with her family and two cats.

Course Developer

Matthew West

Matthew had the privilege of studying at Redeemer University College under an amazing faculty. During this time He developed a passion for learning about God's creation and sharing his understanding with others. Seven years of teaching in the classroom has taught him that the "Eureka" moment is a prized treasure. It is his hope to make new concepts more appetizing and easier to digest, leaving a better understanding and desire to know more.