Success at the Genius Olympiad!

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Recently, students from Nile Academy participated in the Global Environmental Issues – US Olympiad, or Genius Olympiad, from June 24 to June 29, 2012, in Oswego, New York. This year, Genius Olympiad was claimed the “largest competition in the world on environmental issues”, and it had over 450 students and teachers come from 51 countries and 35 U.S. states. Genius Olympiad focuses on bringing students together from all around the world to present their projects on environmental issues. This year, 657 projects were submitted in the fields of science, art, creative writing, design, and athletics, and only 249 of those projects were accepted! Overall, Genius Olympiad is a highly selective competition with an acceptance rate of only 38%. For 2012, grade 11 students Bekir Buyukkocabas and grade 9 students Hamza Alkin and Muhammed Aksahan represented Nile Academy. Bekir Buyukkocabas’s project was based on analyzing how cigarette butts that are thrown into our environments cause both adverse physiological and biochemical responses in plants. His research is very important in understanding how cigarette butts, which are very common in the environment, leave plants, soil organisms, and living organisms devastated and poisoned from the chemicals that enter our environment when the cigarette butts are wetted. Hamza Alkin and Muhammed Aksahan did their science project on growing algae and then producing biodiesel from their extracted oils. They used a Soxhlet extractor and the transesterification process to extract the oil and produce biodiesel.

This year, over 60 bronze medals, approximately 40 silver medals, and around 24 gold medals were awarded at the Genius Olympiad awards ceremony on June 28, 2012. Bekir Buyukkocabas was awarded a gold medal for this project, and Hamza Alkin and Muhammed Aksahan were both awarded a honourable mention certificate for their work. Furthermore, Bekir Buyukkocabas was given a very important medal by the Hong Kong Innovative Technology and Education Association (HKITA), which was awarded to only 3 of the 248 students. The HKITA will organize an international, highly competitive competition in Hong Kong from October 7-10, and Bekir Buyukkocabas was invited to attend the event with his current project. 

Nile Academy and the Science Club are proud of their students and wish them luck in the future.

The National Biology Competition

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This year, Nile Academy participated in the National Biology Competition sponsored by the University of Toronto. This is perhaps the most prestigious and high-level biology exam in Canada, and it is designed to test the knowledge of grade 12 students from everything they have learned in secondary school biology. Select grade 11 and 12 students at Nile Academy were asked to participate in this competition, and the results have been phenomenal. Grade 11 student Bekir Buyukkocabas attained an 85th overall place from the over 4332 students that entered the exam, and he was placed in the top 2% of all students. This success is ultimately resounding of the quality of education highlighted and supported by Nile Academy and its teaching programmes, specifically the Science Club. 

We congratulate Bekir Buyukkocabas for his success and hope that other Nile Academy students will participate in this prestigious competition the coming year!

Nile Students Earn Prestigious Award!

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This year, at the annual Toronto Science and Technology Fair, two students from Nile Academy won a prestigious award. The Toronto Sci-Tech fair is  held every year at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus during the month of March and it attracts top science students from all over the Toronto region. This year, two senior Nile Academy grade 12 students, Gultekin Barhudarova and Zeynep Tosun, took their project titled "Sticky and Safe Mess: From Banana to Glue" to the Toronto Sci-Tech Fair and competed with over 200 students for an entire morning and afternoon. They were interviewed by approximately 3 official judges and many more unofficial judges. At science fairs, unofficial judges are the ones who decide who will receive the special awards sponsored by many large companies, and the biggest prob
lem with these kinds of judges is that they are dressed like regular members of the public! It just shows that you must be prepared to give your best impression to every single person who might be interested in listening to you, about your research. 

Gulekin and Zeynep proved just this by winning the General Electric Green Energy Innovation Award, which was created just this year to recognize projects with the most innovate, green approach(es) to their problems. Along with a silver medal and two glass GE Green Energy Innovation plaquettes, Gultekin and Zeynep also earned a combined amount of $600, all of which was generously endowed by General Electric Canada. 

We congratulate Zeynep and Gultekin for their research and all of the awards they have won, and we hope the Nile Academy Science Club will continue producing such excellent competitors students!

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