Become a Host for visitors from our Japanese Sister City!  Enjoy a new culture in your home and strengthen ties with our sister city. 

Every year, Nikko will send a group of students aged 13-18 for an approx. 10 day visit.  In addition, every other year, Nikko will send a group of adults for a shorter visit. 

Upcoming Hosting Opportunities

Opportunities for Hosting youth: Summer 2019 – late July (See Draft Schedule below)

Opportunities for Hosting Adults: Autumn 2020 (Tentative October 7th-October 11th)

Basic Info

Standard practice is to house 2 students or 1 adult per host family.

Language ability: The Japanese chaperones typically speaks excellent English.  The students will have had between 1-6 six years of study but their individual levels vary.  Language help will be available from RCNCSCA if necessary.  In previous years, the language barrier has not posed a serious issue.

Prior to arrival, the hostees will send bio information and prior contact with the host family is encouraged.

Host Family Basic Responsibilities

RCNCSCA will organize group tours and events for visitors during the weekdays.  Host families are welcome to join if they are able.  On these days, the host families are responsible for picking them up and dropping off at a central location where we will all meet:  usually at 8am and 5pm at the Civic Center parking lot (West side facing Central High School).

Hostees have their own money for shopping and eating out.  Host families are expected to provide a place to sleep, transportation to pick up and drop off, provide for any meals eaten at home.  No group activities are planned for the host family days on the weekends – those will be up to you.

In addition, it is expected that the host family will arrange transportation to and from the airport and to any RCNCSCA sponsored events such as welcome and farewell parties.

 A Note on Gift giving

Gift giving is very important in Japanese culture; while not required or anything, it would be a good idea to prepare a simple gift for the hostee.  Examples include Strugis tee-shirts, buffalo jerky, Mt. Rushmore hats, etc.

Preparation Meetings

Prior to the arrival of our Japanese guests, RCNCSCA will hold several meetings to go over details and specifics.

To Apply

 Download the questionnaire below and send to RCNCSCA
Meghan Olson,
Dec 29, 2017, 6:52 PM
Jeremy Altman,
Jun 23, 2019, 7:12 PM
Meghan Olson,
Feb 5, 2020, 10:24 AM