LPMS SoC Framework FAQs - Funding, Contracts and Management

Who is paying for this?

The LCRN Host organisation will receive funding from NIHR CRN to procure an LPMS.

What if there are different prices for the same system in two different host locations?

This is expected to be based on population so prices may differ but this is a host organisation responsibility. CRNCC will provide guidance on negotiations in exceptional cases.

Who will hold the LPMS contract?

The contract for the single instance of the LPMS will be held between the LPMS Supplier and the LCRN Host organisation. The need to have a selected LPMS forms part of the LCRN Host contract between Department of Health and the LCRN Host organisation.

Who will manage the use of LPMS?

LCRN Host organisations will manage service delivery in partnership with the NIHR CRN.

Are you going to produce a list of ‘approved’ suppliers and ‘solutions’ with whom you have been working?

Rather than an approved vendor or system list, we will publish the list of suppliers that we have engaged with to date and who have been involved with developing the LPMS Systems of Choice framework. Additionally, once the host organisation has identified a preferred supplier/solution, the NIHR CRN will help assess that supplier if requested by the host organisation.

If we are to seek a single solution for the entire geography, does that mean that existing systems should be ceasing and transitioning over to this solution once it has been selected and implemented by the new hosts?

By April 2015 where possible, Host organisations should have selected a single LPMS. Throughout 2014/15 LCRN partners will be expected to move to an LPMS solution that has been selected by the Host in consultation with the Network and with support from the selected supplier.

Will there be any funding available as part of the Transition Programme for the appointment of a Project Manager locally to support implementation of an LPMS?

The host organisations will be expected to implement the LPMS SoC as part of the host contract and the LPMS implementation will be supported by the funding that they receive as part of their overall allocation. Additional funding or specific resource will not be provided to do this. What the LPMS SoC framework will do is provide a route to identifying, selecting and implementing the LPMS with hosts taking responsibility so that they can take into account both local and national needs.