This site shows recruitment to NIHR Portfolio studies in the West Midlands for the period 1 Oct 2016 - 30 Sept 2017, which had been uploaded to CPMS by 31 Oct 2017. Figures for this period will no longer be updated each day.

Select your Trust abbreviation by clicking the + sign in the relevant box below (all Primary Care sites are grouped as PC). Or choose a specialty or an individual study, or any combination of the available filters. 

Missing recruitment? Check with the RAC of the study shown in the table. "Uploaded" shows when the RAC last uploaded data to CPMS or when they last logged in and clicked "Report no new research activity since last participant".

You can download the filtered data via the three dots menu at the right of the filters, but this may not work with some older versions of Internet Explorer. In that case: filter the table to show no more than 100 records, select the data by highlighting all the rows, press Ctrl+C to copy, switch to Excel and click Paste, or Ctrl+V
Far more search and filter options are available on our Open Data Platform. 
This site is designed for those who cannot access ODP or who just want a simple daily summary.

Recruitment by Trust