About Us

Since 1997, Ma.S.T. Distribution Inc. (previously known as Niesing & Associates) has been manufacturing, importing and distributing a complete selection of learning products and teaching tools across Canada and the USA. We are catering to catalogue distribution houses and retail organizations serving day care centres, elementary & high schools, universities, public and private schools, public sector and government organizations requiring educational material. We pride ourself in our exceptional customer service, our high quality products, our wide range of products and brands as well as our reasonable prices.

Our private brand, DANATHEL©offers a complete selection of math manipulatives (blocks, cubes, tiles and tangrams, etc..), Rekenrek (specialized early learning math abacus), early childhood products, building block sets, educational games, science products such as: magnifiers, weight& measurement tools, stethoscopes, anatomy models, physical activity kits, and more!