1. The student who exercises Leadership:

    1. Is resourceful in proposing new problems, applying principles, and making suggestions.

    2. Demonstrates leadership in promoting school activities.

    3. Exercises influence on peers in upholding school ideals.

    4. Contributes ideas that improve the civic life of the school.

    5. Is able to delegate responsibilities, conducting business efficiently and effectively, and without prodding, demonstrates reliability and dependability.

    6. Demonstrates leadership in the classroom, at work, and in school or community activities.

    7. Is thoroughly dependable in any responsibility accepted.

    8. Can demonstrate leadership qualities in a variety of fields and does not restrict leadership to only one area.

    9. Is consistent in leadership over time.

  1. The student who shows good Character:

    1. Takes criticism willingly and accepts recommendations graciously.

    2. Consistently exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior (cheerfulness, friendliness, poise, stability).

    3. Upholds principles of morality and ethics.

    4. Cooperates by complying with school regulations concerning property, programs, offices, halls, etc.

    5. Demonstrates the highest standards of honesty and reliability.

    6. Shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others.

    7. Observes instructions and rules, punctuality, and faithfulness both inside and outside of the classroom.

    8. Has powers of concentration and sustained attention as shown by perseverance and application to studies.

    9. Manifests truthfulness in acknowledging obedience to rules, avoiding cheating in written work, and showing unwillingness to profit by mistakes of others.

    10. Actively helps to rid the school of bad influences.  

    11. Demonstrates proper behavior and attitude in business courses.

  1. The student who shows good Service:

    1. Is willing to uphold scholarship and maintain a loyal school attitude.

    2. Volunteers dependable and well-organized assistance, is gladly available, and is willing to sacrifice to offer assistance.

    3. Works well with others and is willing to take on difficult or inconspicuous responsibilities.

    4. Cheerfully and enthusiastically renders any requested service to the school.

    5. Engages in activities that benefit both the individual and the community at large.

    6. Serves without regard to personal gain.

    7. Does committee and staff work without complaint.

    8. Shows courtesy by assisting visitors, teachers and students.

    9. Is consistent in service activities over time.

  1. Students excel Academically:

    1. By maintaining a grade point average of 3.00 on a weighted scale, and

    2. By maintaining a grade point average of 3.50 in business courses.