Financial Literacy Certification

Do you have what it takes to succeed financially in today's world? 

Let's Find Out! Take the Am I Savvy? Quiz created by Mr. Kania to see where you stand today...

*Disclaimer: This quiz consists of 23 questions from the curriculum in the Financial Literacy course here at Nicolet. These questions were pulled from a larger group and represent a minimal amount of the entire curriculum. This quiz is meant to give you a "Snapshot" result of where you stand today and determine if taking a Financial Literacy based course is for you.

95% and Up - Well Done! You should pursue Financial Literacy Certification and make a career out of it!

85% to 94% - Nice job, you know your stuff but you should consider taking a Financial Literacy based course to fill in the gaps.

75% to 84% - Hmmm, not too shabby, but you could do better. We recommend taking a Financial Literacy based course.

74% and below - Yoda says..."A financial literacy based course, you must take!"

Course Options:

Algebra II w/Financial Applications (Full Year - Math Credit)


Financial Literacy (1/2 Year - CTE Credit)