Microsoft Certification® I & II

Grades 9, 10,11, 12 .5 credit
MOS Certifications = Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word
MTA Certifications = Networking, Security
CompTIA A+ = Hardware, Software
*Most certifications are accepted as college credit

Earn college credits accepted at nearly 2,000 schools nationwide by becoming MOS, MTA, and/or A+ Certified.  Certification helps validate proficiency in using industry standard applications and meets the demand for the most up-to-date skills on the latest technologies. Candidates who pass a certification exam show that they can meet globally recognized performance standards. Whether it's earning an MOS certification in Access, Excel, PowerPoint, or Word,  or an MTA certification in Networking or Security, or a A+ certification in Hardware or Software, you will help differentiate yourself in today’s competitive job market, broaden your employment opportunities by displaying advanced skills, and earn a higher salary.
-BEEF up your Resume!  Get Certified!

*Adults pursuing certification may schedule testing appointments w/Mike Kania at  Testing fees range from $60 (MTA) to $100 (MOS & A+) plus a proctor fee of $25 per exam.  

**Note: Adults with a testing voucher will have to pay an additional $10 testing center fee to Nicolet High School.

***The ACE Transcript and Registry System often changes when new versions of exams are released.  To find out if your exam is recommended for college credit, search the system for the exam.  Verify the exam in question by opening the link and viewing the details of the agreement.

Benefits and Testimonials:
  1. Stand out in the crowd by becoming Microsoft Certified
  2. Earn college credit for each certification exam passed
  3. Broaden your employment opportunities with Microsoft's stamp of approval

MOS Certification - Get that job!

*Will becoming Microsoft Certified get me a job as a lawyer or a doctor?  It won't, however; it will make your resume stand out and help you get your foot into the door.  Getting that first internship is tough...creating a competitive advantage and being Microsoft Certified is the first step.

"Working in the world of Accounting and Finance, you can never know too much about Excel. I wanted to broaden my knowledge of Excel in general as well as make myself stand out against my peers. Taking the Microsoft Excel Specialist Exam allowed me to do just that, it forced me to learn features of Excel I would not normally use, and made me become more comfortable navigating and fully utilizing Excel on a daily basis. Many people can say they are proficient at Excel, but being able to say that you have an Excel certification takes that to a whole new level." 

-Kelly Coakley, Finance Associate at Johnson Controls

"I decided to pursue a Microsoft Office Excel Specialist certification because I wanted to set myself apart 
in today’s competitive job market. The skills I gained from preparing for the exam have proven to be 
invaluable to my career. I would highly recommend any of the Microsoft Office certifications to anyone 
who wants to gain an edge in their careers and improve their marketability. I will continue to pursue 
other certifications Microsoft offers."

-Rachel Krueger, General Accounting at Johnson Controls


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