Millionaires Club®

Millionaires Club
Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl:
Back-to-Back State Champs!
2012 & 2013

The Millionaires Club® was formed, in partnership with Asset Builders of America, in 2012 by Mr. Kania and students Benjamin Henkin and Andrew Keene.

The club at Nicolet High School has one primary objective:
  1. Compete in and win the Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl each year hosted by Asset Builders of America.

Unlike other clubs, meetings are held only a few times each semester.  It is recommended that you have taken some or all of the following classes in order to be successful as all of the content is financial related:


Includes credit cards, credit agencies, establishing credit, bank & credit union accounts, payday loans, online banking, ATM, credit limit, bankruptcy, mortgage, compound interest, foreclosure, ID theft, budget, checking account, credit union, net worth, etc.


Includes terms like productivity, scarcity, consumer behavior, impulse buying, opportunity cost, socialism, land, human capital, supply and demand, Adam Smith, macroeconomics, natural resources, China’s mixed economy, trade, etc.


Includes forms of business ownership, company-specific information, business leaders past & present, employer/employee relations, entrepreneurship, business law, mergers, marketing, inventory, pricing, sales, globalization, green technology, etc.


Includes terms like beta, micro-cap stock, value investing, 401K, New York Stock Exchange, margin call, volume, yield, treasury bills, assets, liabilities, portfolio, dollar cost averaging, growth stock, mutual fund, load, capital gain, boiler room, Roth IRA, etc.


Includes auto, health, home, life, natural disasters, growing costs, “Obama-Care”, factors that influence insurance costs, insurance policy, hedge fund, history of insurance, redlining, underwriting, indemnity, risk, regulations, etc.


Includes sales tax, income tax, death tax, corporate tax, property tax, licenses, capital gains, Social Security, payroll tax, inheritance tax, progressive tax, redistribution tax, poll tax, excise tax, tariff, ad valorem tax, tax fraud, tax haven, tax refund, etc.


Includes topics like student loan debt, underwater mortgages, poverty, recession, trade imbalance, identity theft, payday loans, financial crisis, sub-prime lending, growth of South American economies, Supreme Court rulings, etc.


Includes technology and the environment, alternative fuels, evolution of communication, cell phone technology, Apple, tablet computers, industry pioneers, Henry Ford, improvements in productivity, military applications, online banking, etc.


Includes the relationship between education and income, poverty in America, cost of education, drop-out rates, influence of technology, economics and financial literacy, national financial literacy tests and outcomes, distance learning, etc.

Fun, informative and exciting, the Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl (FICB) is an interactive educational game designed to help promote financial literacy and awareness among youth.

Using a quiz show format, the game challenges high school students and tests their knowledge about personal finance, business, economics and current events. In the spirit of competition, the game features teams of students who face off against one another, gradually eliminating each other, with the final two teams playing for “the Cup” and bragging rights in their respective regions.

Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl

Challenge Bowls are currently held in:
  • Appleton
  • Madison
  • Milwaukee
  • Racine/Kenosha
  • Menominee Indian Reservation/Keshena
  • Rhinelander/North Woods
  • Wausau
Regional winners are then invited to compete in the state finals competition which establishes the annual statewide champion.  

NHS has won the city and state competition in 2012 and 2013.  Our latest finish was 3rd in the City which was one spot shy of making it to the State Competition.  Click here to view previous winners.

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