IT Essentials

Information and Technology Essentials 8000 
Grades 9, 10 .5 credit
Digital Citizenship - IC3 Certification
Computing Fundamentals (1), Key Applications (2), Digital Citizenship (3)
*Each IC3 Exam is approved for College Credit via ACE

All students are required to take this course prior to their junior year of high school.

During the course, students become proficient with a variety of the latest technologies, applications and topics to be successful in high school, college, and beyond. Business is like a foreign language when it comes to speaking and representing yourself professionally. Throughout the course, students gain experiences in formatting, presenting, and communicating professionally through various technologies. Current topics include: Communication and Organization Functions through technology, File Maintenance, Web Design and Manipulation, Presentation Tools, Spreadsheet Management, Charting Data w/Visual Representation, Research and Source Evaluation, Word Processing, Audio and Video Production, Copyright Guidelines, Online Safety and Presence, Database Management, Blogging, Preparation and Study Resources, Mobile Operating Systems and Devices, and Successful Collaboration in Online Learning Environments. Throughout the course, students work on enhancing their overall skill level while working on efficiency and multi-tasking skills.
  • Exhance and Expand your Skills
  • Increase your Efficiency
  • Familiarize yourself with the Business Language
  • Digital Citizenship Certification (IC3)
*Students have the option of taking the three IC3 exams and earning the Digital Citizenship in place of the final exam.

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