Accounting I 8170
(Accelerated Option Available*) 8169
Grades 10, 11, 12 .5 credit
Dual Credit Option Available

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Accounting is often referred to as the language of business. This course is a must have for students who plan to pursue any business-related degree or career. Accounting I provides an understanding of the basic elements and concepts of accounting systems. Students will learn how to prepare Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Profit/Loss Statements, and other pertinent financial documents businesses report at the end of their fiscal periods. Accounting provides the foundation necessary to become an accountant, pursue a career in finance or corporate management, to work in government, or even become an entrepreneur. Accounting is the one field with 360 degrees of possibilities. A field trip to the Green Bay Packers complex to meet with the Accounting department is part of this course.

Course fee applies.

*Students interested in taking the Accelerated Accounting Course need to know the following:
-Responsible for Challenge Exercise each Chapter
-Each student is responsible for summarizing a chapter to three chapters each quarter in the Help! Forum
-Will individually manage Fantasy Accountant Team
-Will complete Accountopoly Challenge/Draft required week before grades close
*It is also recommended that you join the Millionaires Club and participate in the event(s)

Based on past experience, the total additional time you spend on accelerated activities will be between 12-16 hours with 3-6 of those coming at the end of the semester.

2012 Accounting Class @ Lambeau Field

Accounting Rap

  • Having the world's largest association representing the accounting profession on your college and job applications
  • Access to the AICPA News Update and CPA Letter Daily via email as well as the ability to access the online version of the Journal of Accountancy
  • The opportunity to apply for scholarships that help you get into the CPA profession
  • More info about the opportunities in accounting that will help you get a jump on your career plans

  • Getting Started
  • Scholarships
  • Licensure
  • FAQs
  • CPA Exam

Fantasy Accountant: Are you smart enough and tough enough to be the next great Fantasy Accountant!?

Step into the mind of an Accountant as you analyze your way to become the next great Fantasy Accountant!  Fantasy Accountant gives you an experience you'll never forget, and remember, It's in the Numbers!

Adam Mazin 2013-14 Fantasy Accountant
Sydney Calmes 2014-15 Fantasy Accountant
Noah Schneider 2015-16 Fantasy Accountant

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