Nickelsville Ballard, Tiny Houses, 2nd Pie Baking Contest

posted Sep 3, 2015, 8:13 AM by Scott Morrow

OUR PRESENT LOCATION at 1010 South Dearborn really got punched by last Saturday's wind.  Clean up is about done - the toughest part was putting the cyclone fence back up.  Drop on by and say hi anytime!

The future NICKELSVILLE BALLARD location has been in the thoughts of it's Market Street neighbors lately, even though it hasn't opened yet - we're aiming for early October.

In July Mayor Murray announced that three city-owned pieces of land, our Ballard site, plus two more in Interbay and the Industrial Area north of Georgetown, would be available this year to Seattle's two qualified encampment providers, Nickelsville and Seattle Housing and Resource Effort (S.H.A.R.E.) Since then we’ve been working with our partner,  the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI), to develop and open Nickelsville Ballard, which should shelter up to40 adults, living in tiny houses and tents.  So far Nickelodeons have been at three Ballard Public meetings, getting the chance to make presentations and field questions at two.

Opposition to the Market Street Site has been vigorous, primarily focused on accusations about the process the city used to choose the sites and the claim that the site on Market Street isn’t suitable because of its proximity to the Sloop Tavern, liquor store, apartments, and the VFW Hall. No matter where we go there seems to be a list of reasons why it’s not a suitable location.  Still, the 'pro' Market Street Internet Petition has more signatures than the 'con' Market Street Petition.
The notion that homeless people are prone to be tempted by the proximity of liquor stores, taverns, etc. plays into the stereotype of homeless people as alcoholics and addicts.  We reject this characterization and point out that with a seven year history this is far from the first time that Nickelsville would be located near a place where alcohol is sold, all absent of any incident harming neighbors. 

It's important to Nickelsville that the site be open for intakes by mid-October, when the harsh fall weather sets in.  Already this year there have been a record number of deaths of homeless people dying outside or through violence in King County.  Preventing another such death is a priority to us.

NICKELSVILLE'S TINY HOUSE VILLAGE ENCAMPMENT at 22ND and Union with LIHI and the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd:  Come late November Nickelsville should be self managing a Tiny House village on land owned by the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in the Central District.  LIHI will provide Housing Navigators and other resident support.  The fifteen tiny houses are being donated by a number of organizations including the Tulalip Tribes, Sawhorse Revolution, and YouthBuild.  Environmental Works has been providing invaluable planning and design support for this unique site.  Rather than porta-potties there’ll be flushing toilets on site, and each tiny house will have an electrical outlet and air ventilation fan.  Keep an eye on the 'Nickelsville Works' Facebook Page.  It will be sharing the details of a Sunday September 20th Open House on the site as soon they are finalized!  (And that is just two days short of Nickelsville's 7th Anniversary on September 22, 2015.)



It's less than two weeks away - titme to Get Ready for the Pie Contest
On Sunday, September 13th we'll be holding our Second Annual Pie Contest at La Marzocco USA at 1553 NW Ballard Way from 1:30 to 4:30 PM  The contest is free to enter and attend.  For a suggested donation of $5 guests can sample the pies and vote for their favorite.  Sweet or savory pies are eligible for entry, but all pies must have at least one crust.  There'll be a prize for the pie getting the most popular votes and First and Second Place Judge's choice pies.  Stumptown Coffee is providing hot coffee for a donation to Nickelsville, and High 5 Pies is donating prizes. To enter just email with the words "Pie Contest" in the subject line.