Nickelsville Announcements

Nickelsville is a member of the Housing for All, Stop the Sweeps Coalition.  Join us on September 28th at St. James Cathedral to ask the two mayoral candidates their views on our platform.  The program begins at 6:30 PM.

Nickelsville Georgetown Tiny House Village
Nickelsville Georgetown's groundbreaking event was held on March 3, 2017.  Once the site is fully developed it will hold 30 tiny houses.  Case management will be provided by our partners at the Low Income Housing Institute.  Nickelsville Georgetown is located at 1000 S. Myrtle Street.  206-399-0733.

Othello Village Now Open

Othello Village will ultimately shelter approximately 80 people.  It opened March 9th at 7544 Martin Luther King Jr. Way. The property, owned by the Low Income Housing Institute, will eventually be the site of low income housing and possibly a food bank.  For the next one to two years it will be the home of Othello Village, consisting of Tiny Houses and tents.  We'll gradually replace tents with Tiny Houses.  Two converted cargo containers will be roomy enough for larger families.  We also have a large kitchen tent, donation tent, and pantry structure.  Security shacks will soon arrive, but for now we're using a canopy.  We're presently in need of donations of blankets, sleeping bags, and four-person tents.  Stop by to say hello and take a tour.  If you, your family, organization, or faith group would like to serve warm meals at Othello Village please click on the Meals Calendar tab for instructions. 

Nickelsville's Tiny House Village Now Open
The long-awaited opening of the first tiny house village in Seattle occurred this weekend.  Guests wandered in and out of the furnished houses before meeting inside the nearby Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd.  Sharon Lee, the Director of the Low Income Housing Institute, Pastor Steve Olson, and Diane Sugimura from the City of Seattle spoke about the need for shelter, then Sharon Lee handed the keys to the houses to grateful Nickelodeons.  Each house is furnished with a table and chairs, cot, and storage bins.  There's a restroom pavilion, new kitchen tent, new security shack, and a storage shed.  A new shower is in the works. 


Dozens of volunteers showed up November 21 to work with Nickelodeons setting up our new location at 2826 NW Market Street.  We're incredibly appreciative and humbled the outpouring of support including labor, food, and many expressions of welcome to the neighborhood.  At lunchtime Pastor Weber of Trinity United Methodist Church offered a blessing and Deputy Mayor Kim served a tasty meal.   Council member Mike O'Brien helped build tent platforms.  Stop by for a tour or just to day hello. 

Nickelsville Ballard, Tiny House Village, Nickelsville SoDo

posted Nov 17, 2015, 10:17 AM by Scott Morrow

Nickelsville Ballard

It’s finally happening,  at long last, this Saturday, November 21!  Take part in a milestone event in the history of ending homelessness in Seattle by participating in creating the first Nickelsville encampment sanctioned on city land.  Thank you Mayor Murray!

A row of 5 new Tiny Houses, donated by generous organizations such as the Tulalip Tribe, Sawhorse Revolution, and YouthBuild will line the street front of Nickelsville Ballard.  To the north will be tents on specially designed platforms. 

We can’t start this alone – your help is needed too.  If you can, show up next Saturday, November 21st, at 9 AM at 2826 NW Market Street with a hammer and a willingness to work alongside Nickelodeons as they set up this crisis response to the emergency in homelessness, a self-managed encampment community for homeless adults, families, and pets. Also needed will be drivers, vehicles, food, and people for unskilled tasks.  Bring hand tools like hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.  Mark them with your name so they don’t get lost. 

Spend time with like-minded volunteers and Nickelodeons on this special day.  There will also be opportunities to help, before and after this.   For more information, phone 206-450-5268 and ask for the Move Master or phone 206-450-9136 for Nickelsville staff.

Tiny House Village Update

Seattle’s first tiny house encampment community is on target to open in early December at 1419 22nd St., a partnership between the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, the Low Income Housing Institute, and Nickelsville, which will be operating the Village.  The 15 unique tiny houses will be insulated, have basic electricity, and will each shelter 1-2 people. A shared bathroom pavilion and (maybe) a shower will be on site.  Sponsors include South Seattle College, Sawhorse Revolution, Tulalip Tribes, Youthbuild, the Lucky 7 Foundation, and Environmental Works.  For more information, contact Monica at LIHI, 206-957-8042 or

Coming Soon—Nickelsville SoDo

An unused piece of city land at 6th Avenue South has been earmarked for Nickelsville SoDo.  We’ll hope to move the 12 tiny houses, tents, and security shacks currently at the Dearborn site to SoDo.  The new site has easy access to transportation and convenience stores, plus it’s flat and roomy.   We’ll continue to shelter adults, families, and pets at Nickelsville SoDo.  Stay tuned for support needed on Move Day.

The Homeless State of Emergency

and Community Support

You’ve certainly seen more people living alone and at risk in this last year.  Perhaps you’ve read about the dramatic rise in both people sleeping outside in King County – over 21% - and the increase in deaths of homeless people outside or by violence – already 58 people this year!


Seattle didn’t lose – via rent increases, demolitions, changes of use – all the affordable housing which (along with increasing population AND poverty) caused this dramatic increase in homelessness overnight.  It will take years to right the ship and regain enough affordable housing for everyone in King County.


Meanwhile, Interim Survival Mechanisms like encampments and simple self-managed shelter are the first responders in the fight against homelessness.

Unfortunately the specifics within the Recent State of Emergency declared on Homelessness and the Seattle City Budget both continue to give short shrift to the First Responders.  They both emphasize stuff like data collection, landlord liaisons, case management and rapid rehousing.


That all might sound good, but until there is enough affordable housing for the 10,000 homeless people in King County that need it, it can’t solve the problem or be cost effective.


Whenever you have a chance – because Leaders and Funders are always tempted to go with the miracle cure over the bread and butter – urge our leaders to make First Responders to Homelessness a priority.


Tonight that would mean calling the Seattle City Council and telling them to add $300,000 for the operating costs of encampments before passing the 2016 Budget Tomorrow.  (And by operating costs we mean porta potties, dumpsters, bus tickets, staff and materials.)


But even if you don’t have a chance to call or email before at 10:00 AM, November 16th, remind them and your neighbors of this whenever homelessness comes up:  Support the first responders (shelter providers and encampment operators) before spending a lot of money on things that won’t be effective until there is a lot more affordable housing anyway.


And since the Government has no enthusiasm for helping us with the cost of trash service and porta potties, we are always grateful for your help there too!


Donate today via PayPal on this site, or by mail to Nickelsville, PO Box 2548, Seattle, WA, 98111. Nickelsville is a 501c3 organization.

Nickelsville Ballard, Tiny Houses, 2nd Pie Baking Contest

posted Sep 3, 2015, 8:13 AM by Scott Morrow


OUR PRESENT LOCATION at 1010 South Dearborn really got punched by last Saturday's wind.  Clean up is about done - the toughest part was putting the cyclone fence back up.  Drop on by and say hi anytime!

The future NICKELSVILLE BALLARD location has been in the thoughts of it's Market Street neighbors lately, even though it hasn't opened yet - we're aiming for early October.

In July Mayor Murray announced that three city-owned pieces of land, our Ballard site, plus two more in Interbay and the Industrial Area north of Georgetown, would be available this year to Seattle's two qualified encampment providers, Nickelsville and Seattle Housing and Resource Effort (S.H.A.R.E.) Since then we’ve been working with our partner,  the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI), to develop and open Nickelsville Ballard, which should shelter up to40 adults, living in tiny houses and tents.  So far Nickelodeons have been at three Ballard Public meetings, getting the chance to make presentations and field questions at two.

Opposition to the Market Street Site has been vigorous, primarily focused on accusations about the process the city used to choose the sites and the claim that the site on Market Street isn’t suitable because of its proximity to the Sloop Tavern, liquor store, apartments, and the VFW Hall. No matter where we go there seems to be a list of reasons why it’s not a suitable location.  Still, the 'pro' Market Street Internet Petition has more signatures than the 'con' Market Street Petition.
The notion that homeless people are prone to be tempted by the proximity of liquor stores, taverns, etc. plays into the stereotype of homeless people as alcoholics and addicts.  We reject this characterization and point out that with a seven year history this is far from the first time that Nickelsville would be located near a place where alcohol is sold, all absent of any incident harming neighbors. 

It's important to Nickelsville that the site be open for intakes by mid-October, when the harsh fall weather sets in.  Already this year there have been a record number of deaths of homeless people dying outside or through violence in King County.  Preventing another such death is a priority to us.

NICKELSVILLE'S TINY HOUSE VILLAGE ENCAMPMENT at 22ND and Union with LIHI and the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd:  Come late November Nickelsville should be self managing a Tiny House village on land owned by the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in the Central District.  LIHI will provide Housing Navigators and other resident support.  The fifteen tiny houses are being donated by a number of organizations including the Tulalip Tribes, Sawhorse Revolution, and YouthBuild.  Environmental Works has been providing invaluable planning and design support for this unique site.  Rather than porta-potties there’ll be flushing toilets on site, and each tiny house will have an electrical outlet and air ventilation fan.  Keep an eye on the 'Nickelsville Works' Facebook Page.  It will be sharing the details of a Sunday September 20th Open House on the site as soon they are finalized!  (And that is just two days short of Nickelsville's 7th Anniversary on September 22, 2015.)



It's less than two weeks away - titme to Get Ready for the Pie Contest
On Sunday, September 13th we'll be holding our Second Annual Pie Contest at La Marzocco USA at 1553 NW Ballard Way from 1:30 to 4:30 PM  The contest is free to enter and attend.  For a suggested donation of $5 guests can sample the pies and vote for their favorite.  Sweet or savory pies are eligible for entry, but all pies must have at least one crust.  There'll be a prize for the pie getting the most popular votes and First and Second Place Judge's choice pies.  Stumptown Coffee is providing hot coffee for a donation to Nickelsville, and High 5 Pies is donating prizes. To enter just email with the words "Pie Contest" in the subject line. 


posted Feb 21, 2015, 12:38 PM by Nickelsville Works

Progress on Encampments in Seattle

posted Feb 21, 2015, 12:37 PM by Nickelsville Works

It’s been slow in coming, but encampments are finally being recognized for their value in easing the crisis in shelter space.  This good news follows on the heels of the depressing 21% increase in the number of homeless people found in the One Night Count of the Homeless in King County the third week in January.  Mayor Ed Murray has announced that the city will be gaining an additional three homeless encampments.  Not only did the City Council add $100,000 to the budget for encampments modeled on the self managed encampments already in existence, the Mayor’s Committee on Homelessness recommended another $200,00 be spent on city encampments. 


This Thursday, February 26th,  at 5:30 PM a Hearing on an Encampment Ordinance that the Mayor thinks is needed next is happening in the Seattle City Council Chamber.  We like the Mayor’s boldness and courage in planning to do this.  The big disappointment is the redlining of the land for Public Encampments in only industrial/business areas of the city (not residential areas) and the determination of bureaucrats to require tracking of encampment residents (see above visit to Olympia) in exchange for funding.

Come to the hearing and say hello – Nickelodeons will be there!

Nickelsville Hits a Bump in the Road

posted Feb 21, 2015, 12:35 PM by Nickelsville Works

You’ve probably read and heard in the media that back on January 29th Nickelsville Staffperson Scott Morrow was given a vote of “no confidence.”  Essentially, what happened was that one of the elected camp leaders failed to enforce Nickelsville rules against verbal threats and harassment made by her partner.  In addition, a number of Nickelsville “old timers” got into housing in December.  While that’s good news for them, it left the camp with a large population of new-comers who were easily intimidated by this strong-willed couple.  When Scott asked to take the leadership out to breakfast to discuss solving the rule enforcement issue he received the boot the next day.  The camp was given five days to name a new sponsor, but was apparently unable to find support.  Neither our religious sponsor, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, nor the property owner, Coho Realty, were comfortable working with the new leadership and were on the brink of terminating their contract.  The following Saturday documents were quietly circulated among Nickelodeons to bar the individuals at fault for not enforcing the camp rules and a separate document reinstating Scott as their Staff person and he came back.

This is the kind of information that you can’t get in the Seattle Times – their actual printed newspaper reported Scott got canned, but not that he got rehired (although they did put that news on their obscure online political blog.)

Since this drama all parties have sat down and figured out ways to avoid the problems that led to this in the first place – thank you Coho Realty, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, and the Low Income Housing Institute!

Special Ceremony on Sunday

posted Sep 25, 2014, 6:04 AM by Scott Morrow

Our religious sponsor, The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, will hold a special Blessing Ceremony at Nickelsville this Sunday, September 28th, at 6:00 PM at Nickelsville.  We're located at 1010 South Dearborn Street.  Join us as Pastor Steve Olsen dedicates this new space.

Nickelsville is moving 9/16/2014. Please help!

posted Sep 16, 2014, 6:11 AM by Scott Morrow

As of 4:10 P.M. Monday, September 15, Seattle's DPD has neither released the Nickelsville Permit or provided a draft courtesy copy.  And the responsible city workers seem to have all left for the day.   Here's hoping the permit gets released following tomorrow morning's all DPD Staff Workshop!

We'll commence the move tomorrow at 12 PM, come heck or highwater.  See you then at 1351 South Dearborn. 

Nickelsville is Moving and You are Needed!

Odds are 10 to 1 that the long awaited Nickelsville Move to 1010 South Dearborn is a go for Tuesday September 16th and Wednesday September 17th, 2014.

Even after 20 plus moves over the span of three Mayorial Administrations, EVERY Nickelsville move is unique.

What isn't new is that Nickelsville needs friends. The biggest need on Move Days will always be friends with strong backs and willing hands, followed by vehicles to move things in.

Almost everyone knows Nickelsville desperately needs money to pay back bills on the porta potty and dumpster.

Since our 2 1/2 year stay at 7116 Marginal Way we've got 12 Small Simple Sturdy Sleeping Structures to move. This will take low riding flat bed trucks, fork lifts, and a team of able bodied heavy lifters.

What IS new this time is the fruit of Mayor Murray's "investigation" of the Nickelsville Move (see Ansel Herz's Saturday Sept. 12th Expose' in the Stranger Slog.)

Nickelsville now has the fanciest Seattle Department of Planning and Development Approved Map for an encampment you've ever seen - it's got surface trenches with perforated drain pipes to whisk rain water under the 10th Avenue South Sidewalk (sidewalk cut and patch required) out to the storm drain on South Dearborn.

The map specifies where each and every Small Simple Sturdy Sleeping Structure goes to keep them off the 'slide' area. 'Ground disturbance' is limited to 6 inches and the garden planters can't go on top of the hill. When half an inch of rain comes down geo tech inspectors must make an on site evaluation of conditions and consider participants 'possible evacuation.'

The eyes of the City - and numerous inspectors - are on us. Most importantly homeless people are still suffering due to Seattle's lack of safe and secure encampments.

A famous anthropoligist once said 'never forget that a small group of determined people can change the world - indeed it's the only thing that ever has.'

Nickelsville is small. But it's working, it's inexpensive, and it keeps homeless men, women, couples, families and their pets together, safe, in community, and ready to move into housing.

Help us out on Tuesday or Wednesday if you can. Come be one of the group working on this little effort that keeps on showing homeless people taking the lead in surviving and solving homelessness with a little caring and common sense.

Meet us anytime after 9 AM Tuesday (or Wednesday) at the Nickelsville Interim Site at 1531 South Dearborn (right across from the Goodwill Store.) There is a Pay Pal Button on the Nickelsville Web Site ( Call (206) 450-9136 or email for updates and information.

Thank You for Your Support and Share this Post with Friends!

Save the Date! Sleep Out & Occupy CEHKC Rally, July 22nd-23rd

posted Jun 23, 2014, 12:06 PM by Nickelsville Works   [ updated Jun 23, 2014, 12:07 PM ]

Next month, the Governing Board of the Committee to End Homelessness in King County (CEHKC) will meet to further discuss the viability of solutions to end homelessness. This may be the penultimate meeting to convince the Board that homeless encampments are worthy of CEHKC support!

Occupy CEHKC, a coalition of homeless advocacy organizations that includes Nickelsville, needs your help to send this message. Show your support by:
  • Joining our Sleep Out in a city park (TBA) the evening of Tuesday, July 22nd. Dinner and activities will be provided and security shifts are assigned throughout the evening.
  • Marching to the CEHKC Governing Board Meeting the next morning (Wednesday, July 23rd) to voice your support for homeless encampments in King County.
More information will be posted to the Nickelsville Facebook page or the Occupy CEHKC in the next week.

Nickelsville Pie Contest Benefit, July 20th

posted Jun 23, 2014, 11:53 AM by Nickelsville Works   [ updated Jul 9, 2014, 4:15 PM ]

Pie Contest
Stop by Sunday, July 20th to support Nickelsville by eating pie and voting your favorite! The event will be hosted by La Marzocco USA (1553 NW Ballard Way) from 1:30-4:30p.

Admission is free, but votes can be purchased and all proceeds will be given to the Nickelsville camps to help them pay off their Honey Buckets.

See the attached flyer for more details.

To enter a pie please fill out this quick form.

Questions? Want to volunteer or donate prizes? Email Angela:

Yard Sale & Hot Dog Roast rescheduled to May 17th

posted May 8, 2014, 8:23 PM by Nickelsville Works

Support Nickelsville while finding some great deals! We will be hosting a yard sale from 10a-4:00p and selling hot dogs in the parking lot of the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, right next to our encampment on 22nd and E Union St in Capitol Hill. 

Donations for the yard sale are gladly accepted the day before at the site on 22nd and E Union St. No large furniture or large appliances, please. 

We will gladly accept donations of:
  • books
  • clothes
  • tools
  • dishes
  • kitchen ware
  • gardening/yard tools
  • tents and tarps
  • sports equipment
  • outdoor equipment
  • small furniture in good condition
  • working electronics
  • small kitchen appliances
  • housewares
  • baby gear
  • other items in good condition

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