Occupy CEHKC in Olympia

posted Feb 21, 2015, 12:24 PM by Nickelsville Works

The Occupy Coalition (WHEEL, Nickelsville, Transit Riders Union, SAFE, and SHARE) traveled to Olympia January 21-23 to meet with legislators and address the CEHKC Governing Board.  What was the King County Committee to End Homelessness Governing Board doing in Pierce County?  Lobbying the legislature to further erode the privacy rights of homeless people by changing the “opt in” to HMIS data collection to an “opt out” process.  The Homeless Management Information System collects useless boat loads of data on homeless people, costs an enormous amount of money to administer, and provides not one person a safe place to sleep.  Most Governing Board members, shelter providers, and government bureaucrats will tell you that what’s needed to end homelessness is more data.  But homeless people know that what’s needed to end homelessness is more affordable housing and what’s needed until that is more shelter.  Governor Inslee knows that too, and shared as much in his remarks to the board.

While we persuaded House of Representative Leaders to quash the bill, so far the State Senate has been more malleable.  Urge the Senate – especially Ways and Means Committee Members – to put the kibosh on this!

Nickelsville is moving Tuesday, September 16, 2014!! Please help.

posted Sep 16, 2014, 6:09 AM by Scott Morrow

As of 4:10 P.M. Monday, September 15, Seattle's DPD has neither released the Nickelsville Permit or provided a draft courtesy copy.  And the responsible city workers seem to have all left for the day.   Here's hoping the permit gets released following tomorrow morning's all DPD Staff Workshop!

We'll commence the move tomorrow at 12 PM, come heck or highwater.  See you then at 1351 South Dearborn. 

Nickelsville is Moving and You are Needed!

Odds are 10 to 1 that the long awaited Nickelsville Move to 1010 South Dearborn is a go for Tuesday September 16th and Wednesday September 17th, 2014.

Even after 20 plus moves over the span of three Mayorial Administrations, EVERY Nickelsville move is unique.

What isn't new is that Nickelsville needs friends. The biggest need on Move Days will always be friends with strong backs and willing hands, followed by vehicles to move things in.

Almost everyone knows Nickelsville desperately needs money to pay back bills on the porta potty and dumpster.

Since our 2 1/2 year stay at 7116 Marginal Way we've got 12 Small Simple Sturdy Sleeping Structures to move. This will take low riding flat bed trucks, fork lifts, and a team of able bodied heavy lifters.

What IS new this time is the fruit of Mayor Murray's "investigation" of the Nickelsville Move (see Ansel Herz's Saturday Sept. 12th Expose' in the Stranger Slog.)

Nickelsville now has the fanciest Seattle Department of Planning and Development Approved Map for an encampment you've ever seen - it's got surface trenches with perforated drain pipes to whisk rain water under the 10th Avenue South Sidewalk (sidewalk cut and patch required) out to the storm drain on South Dearborn.

The map specifies where each and every Small Simple Sturdy Sleeping Structure goes to keep them off the 'slide' area. 'Ground disturbance' is limited to 6 inches and the garden planters can't go on top of the hill. When half an inch of rain comes down geo tech inspectors must make an on site evaluation of conditions and consider participants 'possible evacuation.'

The eyes of the City - and numerous inspectors - are on us. Most importantly homeless people are still suffering due to Seattle's lack of safe and secure encampments.

A famous anthropoligist once said 'never forget that a small group of determined people can change the world - indeed it's the only thing that ever has.'

Nickelsville is small. But it's working, it's inexpensive, and it keeps homeless men, women, couples, families and their pets together, safe, in community, and ready to move into housing.

Help us out on Tuesday or Wednesday if you can. Come be one of the group working on this little effort that keeps on showing homeless people taking the lead in surviving and solving homelessness with a little caring and common sense.

Meet us anytime after 9 AM Tuesday (or Wednesday) at the Nickelsville Interim Site at 1531 South Dearborn (right across from the Goodwill Store.) There is a Pay Pal Button on the Nickelsville Web Site ( Call (206) 450-9136 or email for updates and information.

Thank You for Your Support and Share this Post with Friends!

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