Quick Start Guide

Google Apps Quick Start Guide

Use this Quick Start to log in to your Google Apps account and access your email and calendar.

Log In to Your Google Apps Account

  1. Go to  https://www.google.com/a/nicholls.edu
  2. On the "Google Apps" page, enter your id and password, and then click Login.

  3. In your list of services, select Email
    Your Google Email Inbox appears. For example:

Use Google Mail

To read a message, click it to open it:

To reply to or forward a message, open it, and then click Reply to Reply to All or Forward at the bottom of the message card:

To send a message, click Compose Mail:

Access Your Google Calendar

To access your calender, click the Calendar link at the top of your Mail window:

Your calendar appears. For example:

Use Your Calendar

To change your calendar view, click the tabs in the upper-right corner of the view:

To view or edit details about an event, click its name:

To create an event, click Create Event:

Use Chat in Google Mail

Your Mail window includes a Chat gadget, which lets you send and receive instant messages with your colleagues:

The Chat window shows a list of people you've recently communicated with. You can also find a coworker by starting to type his or her name or email address in the Search, add, or invite box. 

To start a chat, simply point to a user in the list or search results, and then click Invite to Chat:

Create a Task List

Use the Tasks gadget to keep your "to do" list handy. To open the gadget, just click the Tasks in the left pane of your Mail or Calendar window:

Start typing in the Tasks window to create your list. Or drag email messages to the list for follow-up. 

On the Actions menu, you'll find options to indent or move items, enter details such as a due date, print your list, and more. Use the Switch List menu to rename the list and create more lists. To work in a bigger window, click the pop-out arrow in the upper right corner.

Next Steps....

Refer to the guide Getting Started with Google Apps to:

  • Set up your email, including adding an email signature, setting up email filters
  • Set up your calendar, including setting the time zone, recreating your events, and turning on event notifications
  • Learn how to use key features in Google Mail and Calendar