Welcome to the Nicasio Middle School website!  

Our class is bursting with energy, optimism, creativity, humor, and active learning!  Our class constitution (created and often amended by the students) was developed to help foster and sustain democratic principles, and to help act as a catalyst for lifelong learning.  We have created a healthy learning environment-- a place where everyone's voice is heard and respected.  The very layout of our classroom reflects a very positive view and hope for the world-- there are scores of emerald green plants that climb about and soften the classroom, vibrant colors that dazzle on the walls, and ever-changing class themes that decorate the shelves, desks, and walls. 

Our class uses real time events (local and global) to bolster our curriculum-- we carefully tie our studies to politics, sports, social justice, and the environment.  These are the issues that are important to the students and thus should (and must!) play a grand role as a vehicle toward understanding and mastering our educational standards.  

We encourage input from our families and from our community.  We thrive when everyone participates-- students are encouraged to ask tough questions, they are encouraged to advocate and debate.  We put into play what John Dewey claimed a hundred years ago:  education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.